Savannah Mohacsi (b.1998, CA) is interested in how art can foster empathetic interactions with others and be used as a platform for people to share their narratives about health and illness. Savannah is premed and has earned her degree in Human Biology and a minor in Art Practice from Stanford University ('20). Human Biology is an individually designed major, and Savannah specifically planned her major concentration to understand "How the Mind and Body Shapes Human Experience" (Click on link to read about her concentration). Additionally, she graduated with Honors in the Arts and was awarded the Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts from Stanford. Savannah is taking multiple gap years before medical school and is exploring health and wellness in other fields, such as design and entertainment. In the meantime, Savannah has been using her premed skillset to lead health and safety protocols as a Covid Compliance Supervisor on TV sets in Los Angeles. 


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Watercolor Brush 15
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